ASDD Services

Let ASDD help you find the service that fits your needs best.  Follow the steps below to find your perfect service.

What do you have to destroy?

Secure documents – (see Paper Shredding)

Hard Drives – (see Media Destruction)


Paper Shredding

There are two questions to answer to determine the type of document shredding you or your business requires.

  1. Where would you like your documents destroyed?

    • Off-Site – ASDD will deploy one of our secure, GPS tracked, licensed and bonded trucks to your facility and pick up your documents and transport them back to our facility.  ASDD is AAA certified by the National Association of Information Destruction and we have the higherst security in the industry.
    • On-Site – This is our premium service and runs more expensive than our off-site service.  Your documents are shredded at your location in our state-of-the-art mobile shredding truck.
  2. Are the documents you have retention files (files currently in storage) or documents you need secured on a day to day basis?

    • Retention files or files in storage are usually considered a "Purge" (see Purge below) job as businesses or individuals just need to boxes of documents destroyed once more just a few times a year and they do not need to be in a locked storage continer.
    • Day to Day secure storage will require our "Routed Service" (see Routed Service below).  This service is best for businesses that need to ensure documents that are desposed of throughout the work day are secured and destroyed properly without wasting your staffs’ time shredding them on their own.  With routed service, ASDD will provide you with secure bin(s) that will be serviced on an agreed upon schedule.  


ASDD can come to you and purge any number of boxes.  Whether it’s one box or 1,000s it can be done.

With an Off-Site purge ASDD will secure the boxes in our transport trucks and deploy them back to our facility.  There are no restrictions on what needs to be removed, our plant based operations can handle all binder clips, note books, metal bindings and folders.

With an On-Site purge there are three items to keep in mind when making this selection.

  1. The mobile shredder is much smaller than our plant based shredder so it cannot handle larger metal items.  Staples and small paperclips are okay but larger items like hanging file folders and black binder clips will need to be removed.
  2. The mobile shredder is unable to shred cardboard boxes.   Any boxes your documents are stored in will need to be left behind.
  3. If you want don’t want to have to remove the above items and you need your boxes to be removed, consider our Off-Site Purge shredding.

Banker Boxes

How big is a bankers box?

  • Standard Bankers Box – 10”x12”x15” (box pictured on the top)
  • Double Bankers Box - 10”x12”x24” (box pictured on the bottom)

Routed Service

When picking routed service there are two items to decide on to find your perfect service.

1. What size bin would you like?

95 Gallon Bin (back left of the picture)
34" Deep x 26.5" Wide x 46" High
64 Gallon Bin (back right of the picture)
29.5" Deep x 23.25" Wide x 40.25" High
Office Console (front of the picture)
15.75" Deep x 22.75" Wide x 36" High

2. How often do you need your bin(s) serviced?

  • ASDD Can arrange to have you bins serviced as frequently as every day or as far out as once a quarter.


Media Destruction

Hard Drives

ASDD can destroy hard drives at your business or they can be picked up by one of our secure transport trucks and destroyed at our facility.


ASDD can destroy all types of media with confidential information that include the following:

  • CDs
  • Tapes
  • Microfilm
  • Microfiche
  • X-Rays
  • Pill Bottles

Please contact us if you have something plastic or metal not listed above.